How To Make Dandelion Syrup

During these long days at home, I have been searching the web for something, anything, to do that was easy, free, and was accessible without going to the store unnecessarily. This meaning that I could find everything I needed in the confines of my pantry, of course. And then while I was gazing at the… Continue reading How To Make Dandelion Syrup

Finding Your Creative Outlet ft. My ‘Portfolio’

Being the biggest procrastinator, I know a thing or two about avoiding work while still doing something relatively productive. Being creative is the biggest way that I release the stress from the day, and is perfect for a quick break from work life, while still being engaged instead of sitting in front of a phone… Continue reading Finding Your Creative Outlet ft. My ‘Portfolio’

The Complex Subtlety Of Clouds pt. 2

Originally, there was to be only one part to this now cloud series as I revived how overlooked cluds are in everyday life. But my post soon became too long for my liking, and so I only got to fully analyze three out of my fair few amounts of pictures that I captured throughout the… Continue reading The Complex Subtlety Of Clouds pt. 2

Postcrossing Update 4/14/20

Sine my first Postcrossing post, I am happy to say that I've recieved three more postcards! Processed with VSCO with dog1 preset My most recent cards have come from Wisconsin, Thailand, and Japan! All of the messages were so lovely and I can't wait to show you! In order to preserve my limited amount of… Continue reading Postcrossing Update 4/14/20

How To Maintain A Long Distance Friendship

Almost a year ago, my best friend moved about 8 hours away from me (If you're reading this, hi, ❤ u ,b), and eventually, she will be moving even farther away. So how have we maintained contact without seeing each other everyday like we used to? Processed with VSCO with dog1 preset At some point… Continue reading How To Maintain A Long Distance Friendship

Four Years of Journaling: What I’ve Learned

Since I was about 9 years old, I've been journaling off and on, but it wasn't till I recieved a green journal on the Christmas of 2015 that I started to journal regularly, and while I've had times of radio silence in the process of journaling, I've kept a journal on hand for the past… Continue reading Four Years of Journaling: What I’ve Learned

How To Travel While Remaining Stationary

With trips being cancelled and staying indoors the new norm, I, along with the majority of the world, are starting to get a little stir-crazy. Luckily, the infinite joys of the internet exists, and I will be your tour guide in exploring the diiferent outlets that will allow you to immerse yourself in a place… Continue reading How To Travel While Remaining Stationary

The Complex Subtlety of Clouds pt. 1

In the mastered art of self sabotage, right as I wrote out that I would have a schedule, I didn't write for a month. However, a lot of things have happened since my last post. My long awaited Costa Rica trip was only postponed due to the recent worldwide events, so that is something to… Continue reading The Complex Subtlety of Clouds pt. 1

PostCrossing: Postcards From Around The World

In January I joined a site called PostCrossing. Here's how it works: First, you request to send a postcard. then you will be randomly given an account from around the world to send a postcard to!You write the postcard, mentioning awesome things in your area, and you write a special code that the recipient will… Continue reading PostCrossing: Postcards From Around The World

A Very Single Valentine’s QnA

Hello again, grub buds! Hopping on a lazy topic for this week's post, I am thankful for the discussion brought by February 14th. However, I am very single, and as a result, I thought that I would entertain my lonely heart with a few Valentine's Day themed questions, presented to you by this website:… Continue reading A Very Single Valentine’s QnA